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140727 The Lost Planet in Changsha © Baureolek | do not edit.
140727 The Lost Planet in Changsha
© Baureolek | do not edit.

140727 The Lost Planet in Changsha © Baureolek | do not edit.
140727 The Lost Planet in Changsha
© Baureolek | do not edit.

4 AM



"I know it was wrong," he says, sighing, because while it all seems very simple in his head because he’s lived it, he’s aware of how his words sound once voiced to a listening ear. He’s visited psychiatrists, but thought of it as a waste of time for him. Everything he’s worked out by himself or by a comforting hand.  "I know he didn’t have to hit me, I just don’t think I really did anything to stop it. I knew it was going to happen if I did so and so, and I still did it."

Chanyeol sighs as Baekhyun places it so well in words. It’s silly. Or, it sounds silly. Everything’s on paper, all the details on bank accounts and records in accounting books. He’s done great. He’s done amazing, took the risks he should have and behaved around the right crowd. He’s just afraid he could have maybe gone that extra mile. Afraid he’ll fall short to the things everyone else has told his uncle about him. “Yeah…That’s about right. I feel so dumb.” 

Baekhyun sighs to himself a little.  He wants to say more, but he knows Chanyeol’s mentality right now.  Baekhyun isn’t a therapist, so he can’t make the boy see that nothing he did to stop or to start it deserved getting smacked around.  He listens to Chanyeol sigh and he can hear the thoughts tumbling around in his head in the exhalation.  Poor guy was stressing himself way the hell out.  Baekhyun wishes he lived closer and that it wasn’t so late at night.  He was always better at comforting when he could touch the person who need it.

"I wasn’t trying to make you feel dumb, Channie," he replies gently.  "I was just making sure I understood.  It makes sense that you’re so freaked out.  You lived in a stressful environment and your job is very stressful, too.  It’s natural for you to be trying to catch any possible way your uncle wouldn’t be pleased.  I know telling you you’ll do amazing regardless won’t be much help right now, so what can I do to help you?  The most important thing right now is to get you to sleep, I think.  You need to rest up for tomorrow."


"Please? My doorman would call my mother, and several thousand miles away or not, I do not want to deal with her craziness." At least until she could make up some sort of excuse that wasn’t "heh, sorry I’m clumsy—" because she was 5’3". No one believed she just fell. "I’ll do whatever you want, honestly."

Baekhyun nods and crouches in front of the girl.  ”Climb aboard then, sweetie.  I’ll carry you back to my apartment.”  He hoists the girl up onto his back carefully, broken shoe in one hand, and sets off for home.  ”Doorman, huh?  So not a runaway?”

Some Furry New Friends




Baekhyun grins and nods, patting Heidi lightly.  ”Sounds great!  Mmm, I think it’s time for us to head out now, Heidi looks pretty pooped.  I’ll see you on Friday, then?” Baekhyun smiles and clips the leas onto Heidi’s collar.

He nods and chuckles softly, moving to stand up and stretch a bit,”Alrighty, get home safely. I’ll see you on Friday. You can bring Heidi too if you’d like. Just make sure she has her collar and tags on. The boys will most likely take care of her while we’re working.” He smiles and gently pets Heidi once more before he waves bye to you.

"Okay, sounds great.  Thanks again, Soo, and it was nice to meet you!"  He waves back before ushering Heidi into the car and driving off.  Today had turned out to be a great day to come to the dog park, apparently, and would bring some even better days to come.


Junhyung could hear Baekhyun changing but decided to stay in the room until he had left to the kitchen. His hands shook with nervousness and excitement as he tried to get himself dressed, fussing with buttons and cuffs as he tried to calm down his racing heart. He finally takes a deep breath as he finishes the last touches on his suit, amazed that Baekhyun’s brother had gotten through so much trouble for the suits. He fixed his hair , styling upwards in the style that his fiancé had always loved the most on him and makes sure that nothing is out of place. He takes another deep breath, opening the door and picking his head out before silently moving down towards the kitchen.

Baekhyun peeks out into the hall, but it’s deserted.  He pads downstairs softly, intercepted by his brother first.  ”You like your new suit, dongsaeng?”  ”It was you?” Baekhyun gasps, wide eyed, and his brother preens a little.  ”Mhmmmm.”  Baekhyun throws his arms around Baekbeom, forgetting looking dignified or their age for the moment.  ”Thank you,” he whispers, squeezing the other.  He gets a firm hug in return before Baekbeom pushes him back and smoothes out his shirt.  ”You’re welcome, but don’t go getting all wrinkled now.”  

Baekhyun grins and pokes his head into the kitchen.  ”Hi,” he says shyly when he catches a glimpse of Junhyung, who looks absolutely gorgeous.



Junhyung looks down at his food exhaustedly, simply too sleep deprived to argue or worry. He picked at his food lightly, the dark circles under his eyes only growing after a week of almost no sleep.

He felt horrible each time he had woken up and once the fear had passed how much he was scaring the baby with all his screaming. He tried his best to try not sleep to keep the baby from getting scared but his body would always win the battle over sleep. He racked his brains for days over the nightmare, why would he be dreaming of his mother and what could have brought it on?

Baekhyun frowns when he spots Junhyung not eating much.  He knows it’s getting bad then.  He keeps an eye on Junhyung all day, trying not to hover to the point it will be annoying, but also trying to make sure he’s not about to keel over.  That night he has the baby sleep over at his grandparent’s, and he hugs Junhyung tight to him.  ”I love you,” he whispers in the man’s ear.  ”No matter what.  Tomorrow will be better.  Okay?”


He smiles as he wraps one arm tight around Baekhyun’s waist, pressing a kiss against his temple as he settles on a movie to watch.

Baekhyun sighs happily and tucks them all under a blanket.  Ten minutes later there’s a knock on the door, Baekhyun slips out to answer it.  He pays and tips the bellboy and brings over the tray. “Dinner’s here~!  Pause the movie, okay, baby?”

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